Buttercup (also known as Big Red) is a registered Finnsheep.  We call her the petting sheep because she loves to be scratched.  She doesn’t love so much to work with Mark (the border collie) so she mostly gets a pass on that.  She had a very cute set of Romeldale/CVM cross twin ewes.  Very interested to see how this combo turns out!

Norman and Diane

Norman and Diane are our mascots — oh, ok –pets!

You know how you have that one friend that talks your ear off?  Norman literally had a friend (doggie) that got a little too friendly!  His ears are bit wonky but we think it adds to his character, which he has plenty of.

Diane came to us with a broken leg and had to wear a splint for several months. Norman kept her company and they are still best of friends.

Burdie – SOLD

Burdie was our ram – 2018 lambs father.  Born in 2017 he has turned into quite a handsome big guy.  His fleece is pretty fine at 23.3. He has new home and ewes in Michigan.

Sadie – First Place Fine Colored Fleece!

Sadie is a 2017 unregistered ewe lamb.  She is our shy girl. Her fleece has an average micron count of 25.  It won first place in Fine Colored Wool class at 2018 Shepherd’s Harvest.  It has since sold to Idaho!


Bridgid gave us a cute ewe lamb named Annie!

Bridgid is an unregistered Romeldale/CVM born in 2016.  She is the “bossy” one of the flock. It is hard to get her picture because she likes to be close to you. Her fleece has a micron count of 25.3. Her 2018 fleece was made into yarn and is available for sale.  

Wendy – Third Place Colored Fine Fleece, 2018 Shepherd’s Harvest

Wendy is a registered 2017 ewe Romeldale/CVM from Sandy Danielson’s Winter Wind Farm.  Her fleece is (shh) my favorite – shiny, silvery grey with a micron count of 23.4 – and it took third place in Colored Fine Fleece Class at 2018 Shepherd’s Harvest.  It sold at the silent auction at the event.


Myrtle aka Panda Bear is a favorite!  She is an unregistered Romeldale/CVM.  She has beautiful multi-colored wool with freckles underneath. Her fleece’s micron count is 24.

We love her black lipstick.


Willow Wisp

Willow Wisp is a registered Romeldale/CVM from Sandy Danielson’s Winter Wind Farm. Willow and Wendy look so much alike I had to read ear tags to know who was who. Until we sheared – now they are quite different. Willow’s fleece was made into roving and is available for sale.


Wanda is a registered Romeldale from Sandy Danielson’s Winter Wind Farm. Wanda has the finest wool of all the Romeldale/CVM ewes on Coffey Farm. Her wool is a beautiful dark charcoal color that pictures don’t do justice to. Wanda is named after a neighbor and good friend who once defended me against an imagined home invader – wearing a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers packing a pistol! Whatever or whoever might have been in the yard was long gone.